Thursday, June 08, 2006


Sorry that it has been so long since I have written more than a few words on a post. Grant is now part of the S.W.A.T team while continuing to do the surveillence work he was already doing. The kids are back in swim lessons and doing great. We had a great time over memorial weekend, we got a new waterslide because our old one decided to stop working after 1 day. SO we got a bigger, more obnoxious one to annoy the neighbors. Although all it has done is attract every kid in the neighborhood to play in our yard and as my friend Nicole says, "It looks like you are running a daycare", just without the perk of getting paid for it. GRRR! Raven is still as big as ever and still getting bigger everyday. Grant and Ethan went to Washington. D.C. in April for National Police Week. They had a great time and even got to sit in the presidents car. The girls, Wyatt, and I went to Duluth with Grant's mom, Ellen, for a few days while the boys were gone. They have a new waterpark up there called The Edge. The kids had a great time but I think that Ellen and I started to get waterlogged. We have a family trip planned over Grant's birthday and 4th of July. We are heading back up north for 7 days of fun and I would say relaxation, but with 4 kids you never really relax, unless you slip them so kiddie valium. Kidding!!
Also, Aly got accepted to the graduate program and is doing great in college. She and Brent are engaged and living together. Ethan continues in Tae Kwon Do and is on his way to his brown belt. Have a great week!


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