Saturday, September 08, 2007

They are all in school!!!

Hello Everyone,
Ethan started 4th grade, Kayla started 2nd grade, and Makenna started 1st grade on Tuesday. I was a mess after leaving school on Tuesday morning! Wyatt started kindergarten on Friday and it was very weird to have some "alone" time on Friday afternoon and when I told Wyatt after I picked him up that I missed him he told me, "I don't care", talk about being independent! Wyatt took his yellow belt test about 2 weeks ago and now is officially a yellow belt. Grant has continued to be super busy with work and as of today has completed his 6 month probationary period as a sergeant. The first week is over and everyone seems to really like their teachers and is happy to be back again. I think next week it will really hit me that I am alone for a few hours everyday...
Hope everyone is well~


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