Tuesday, July 11, 2006

2006 4th of July trip to Silver Bay and Tofte

Hello everyone,
We had another great family vacation this year. We went up on Sunday the 2nd and stayed at the Americinn in Silver Bay for 2 days and then drove up to Tofte and stayed at Bluefin Bay. We were having such a great time at Bluefin Bay that we decided to stay an extra day. We decided to drive up to the Canadian border so the kids could cross into another country, little did we know that we would need to have some sort of identification for them, so after having to go inside and meet with the immigration officer we stayed in Canada for about half an hour because we were worried about being able to cross back into the U.S. The kids got to have S'mores every night at a campfire at Bluefin Bay and we went canoeing another day. The most exciting day for me was when we rented bikes to ride on the Gitchee Gumee trail, Grant and Kayla were on a tandem bike, Ethan was on his own bike, Ellen had a bike, and I had a bike with the cart attached with Kenna and Wyatt inside. There were quite a few hills on the trail so I would have to walk the bike up the hills a few times because of the extra 80 pounds with the kids. I went ahead of everyone because it was taking me longer and as I rounded the bend on the trail there was a gray wolf in front of me. I stopped feeling a little scared and unsure of what to do but the wolf continued down the trail and back into the woods. All in all it was a great trip!


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