Friday, December 28, 2007


Hello Everyone!
We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great time on our cruise. I don't know how relaxing it really was considering that we had 4 kids with us in 2 small rooms. Our day typically was: Get up, have coffee on the deck and then go up to the breakfast buffet, the kids wanted to go to camp carnival right after that. They would be there until 12 and then be back with us for lunch and swimming for a few hours, then we would get ready for dinner and most of the nights they went to the kids dinner and then to camp carnival again. It was nice that the program allowed for Grant and I to have some alone time together. Food was ok not nearly as good as I had heard and I thought that the food on Princess was better. We spent the first 2 days at sea and arrived in Panama on the 3rd. We got off the ship since the kids wanted to, it was gross! I will never go to Panama again! Unless you are going to do the canal tour, there is zero reason to be there. We had another day at sea and then into Costa Rica. The kids opted to not get off and went to camp but we got off and did some shopping. The next day was Belize and this was our favorite, we did a shore excursion to a private island where the girls got their hair braided, Grant and I drank Belizian beer and went kayaking with Ethan, Wyatt, and Kayla. Kayla found a huge Starfish. Beautiful white sand beaches, we are hoping to get back there again in the future. Our photos are at

Everyone had a great Christmas, thanks for all the cards and gifts!
See you next year!


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