Monday, September 25, 2006


I know that it has been awhile again since I last updated but... with school started now things have been even busier then before! Ethan is in 3rd grade now, Kayla is in 1st, and Makenna is in afternoon kindergarten. Our little Wyatt even started preschool 3 days a week! All the kids are in gymnastics and the girls will be starting tae kwon do along with Ethan this next week. I have been busy with PTA and all the meetings and events tied to it, plus volunteering for 3 classrooms now. Our poor house is quite a mess right now with me and the kids hardley being here and Grant working 60 plus hours a week there just isn't enough time in the day now to clean. You can imagine how much laundry is created by 6 people! Oh, and dishes! You musn't forget the dishes for 6 people! I hope you all are doing well.
And Micha- I saw your last post and have been thinking about you, we have to do coffee soon!
Talk to you all soon!


Anonymous Ti-Ti said...

Mel, You are so funny. I really like the way you write!

Love you, Ti-ti

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Where is Kayla?

2:00 PM  

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