Monday, April 21, 2008

Time seems to fly by...

So here I am sitting at Tae Kwon Do and figured that this would be a good time to catch up on some posting. Spring seems to finally have sprung- at least for today anyway! Ethan is working hard to get his black belt, he is currently a red and black belt. Just one step away from his black belt and hopefully next month he will be testing for that black belt. We have promised him that he can have a party when he makes it. The girls are still green belts and are going to hopefully test next month for their purple belts. Our little Wyatt is sitting with a yellow belt and for those of you that know Wyatt, he does things at his own pace! School is going well for everyone. Wyatt's teacher is really impressed with how well he is writing. He is working very hard to sound things out now. School is easy for Makenna and Kayla. Ethan has had a few bumps along the way but seems to be doing well.
On the flip side of things, Grant has been really busy with work. I swear his phone rings more than an emergency dispatcher's does after an earthquake! He went to Texas a few weeks ago and did some human trafficking training and I think that it was a nice break for him, plus while it was freezing here he got to enjoy some warmer weather! MPD was hit with more sad news this year, in November, Officer Mark Bedard was pursuing a suspect and was accidentally hit by a squad car and passed away a few days later. Mark Beaupre was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been under going chemo for that and after a battle with cancer Lance Alrich lost his life. Grant doesn't know how much more the department can take. Please keep these families in your prayers. I am asked by many people how do I live with that fact that my husband is a police sergeant, am I not scared and worried every time he walks out the door? You bet I am! But I have complete trust in him and know that he wouldn't put himself in harm's way. It took some time to come to that conclusion and I admit that I do get worried when I haven't heard from him when he is out on a detail. But, if I spent all my time worrying that something may happen, it would kill me. I hope that this post finds you all well! Thanks for reading!


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