Saturday, November 04, 2006

November is here!

Hello all!
Things around here have been very busy again! The girls started Tae Kwon Do and are at the white belt level and they should be ready to test for their yellow belts on November 18th. Both girls have done their board breaks. I am going to try and post it on you tube and then have a link on here so that you guys can see it. The three older kids are in gymnastics again this winter and doing wonderful! Raven is still as obnoxious as ever! I have been busy with volunteering at school and with the PTA. Grant is busy as always at work and has a lot of off duty jobs that keep him busy on Friday nights at least. Halloween was a great time for the kids, although it was cold! We went with 3 other families and enjoyed ourselves.
We are slowly preparing to move come next spring out to Woodbury. But I think that Grant and I are beginning to wonder if our current house will ever be ready to sell. Here are some pictures from Makenna's first field trip. Love to you all!
I added the You Tube videos of the girls, Kayla's starts out black just be patient and sorry for the bumpy recording!


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