Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ethan got his Black Belt!

This past Saturday Ethan tested for his black belt. He had to wait for other belt levels to test before him, including Kayla who will be getting her purple belt. Ethan had been sitting for a long time and was asked to spar with Stealth, a brown belt, Ethan threw a few kicks and on about the 5th one he snapped his knee and was instantly in tears. We thought for sure that the test for him was going to be over, but he managed to fight through the pain and passed his test. He had to know 46 one-steps and I think 12 different forms. Ouite a feat for a 10 year old. We let Ethan choose where he wanted to eat after the test and he chose Manny's steakhouse! You can tell he is our son and enjoys a good steak like we do! The food was amazing! Ethan got a burger with kobe beef and, if you can believe this, duck! He will offically get his belt tied on on Wednesday.
We are busy getting ready for school. I feel like we have been to so many stores to get supplies and clothes and I feel like I am still not done. This is going to be really strange for me to be alone all day since Wyatt will be in 1st grade now. I haven't decided what I am going to do yet. I am hoping to go to school since I will finally have the time now before they get too much older and all the various activities start.
Grant is working with all the RNC stuff and is currently on 10am-10pm shifts. Tomorrow will be his only day off for the next 9 days. We plan on taking the kids to Nickelodeon Universe tomorrow.
Grant and I have both been on the diet kick. I have lost 33 pounds since March and am at the gym 5 days a week. Grant has been getting up early every morning and working out here with what we have and is making great progress! So for those of you that haven't seen us in awhile we may look different at Jen's wedding. Speaking of, it is just over a month away and on miss Kayla's birthday.
Hope everyone is well!